The impact of clean energy generation is clear. Collectively in 2021, the power plants we provide services to:


MWh of clean energy generated


Tons of CO2 emissions avoided


Equivalent cars taken off the road

Award Winning Leader in Sustainability

The GRESB Sector Leader Awards Program recognizes real estate and infrastructure companies, funds, and assets that demonstrate outstanding leadership in sustainability. Each year, GRESB assesses and benchmarks the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of real assets worldwide and monitors progress toward global sustainability goals.

In 2020, project owner Capital Dynamics submitted four solar projects, for which Arevon provides asset management services, to GRESB for consideration:

These projects received the top four ratings in GRESB’s U.S. solar power category.

Environmental Sustainability

Utility-scale solar farms are carefully designed to be compatible with the local environment, from the initial site evaluation to end-of-life equipment recycling. Through intentional land management, biological monitoring and industry best practices, the Arevon team is improving the environmental sustainability of solar and wind farms.

Sheep Grazing at California Flats

Effective vegetation management is important for running a safe and efficient solar farm, but there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

California Flats is a 374 MW solar farm located in Parkfield, California. Due to its location, climate, and land management strategy, Arevon’s asset managers and operations and management partners deployed a flock of sheep at the site to keep vegetation in check. This reduces fire risk and improves safety for on-site employees. Plus, sheep are natural grazers and adorable neighbors!

Social Impact

Beyond the benefits of decarbonizing our energy system, renewable energy has a great potential for social impact. Through job creation, health and safety planning, and community engagement, our team strives to be a force for good.

A Team Dedicated to Excellence

The success and impact of our business starts with our team of enthusiastic and experienced individuals. These dedicated team members ensure our projects excel. Here is what they have to say about working at Arevon.

Meghana Gowni, Associate Asset Manager

Why did you choose to join the Arevon team?

I was looking to join a company that spoke to the future of clean energy and promotes inclusivity. Joining Arevon was an opportunity to work with a vibrant, knowledgeable team, building a large platform to influence the energy industry for the better.

What does sustainability in renewable energy mean to you?

Sustainability means taking a holistic approach to each of our projects. We must consider social and environmental impacts at every stage of a project and think about how we can close the resource loop. We have to ask questions about environmental justice and the needs of the communities we work with.

Lindsey Fleetwood, Director of Finance

Why did you choose to join the Arevon team?

I love being a part of a team whose mission is so much bigger than our own individual day-to-day. It is exciting to work with and support a team that is having a positive global impact.

What does sustainability in renewable energy mean to you?

Beyond the really important environmental component of renewable energy, I believe our social impact is integral. We need to make sure everyone has a voice at the table and a place in the industry.

Assessing Our Supply Chain

Our team takes big strides to increase the sustainability of our supply chain. Through internal analysis and collaboration with our suppliers, we challenge ourselves and our counterparts to continually improve the solar supply chain. We work to understand how we can lower the embodied emissions in our projects and uphold fair labor practices throughout the supply chain.

In 2020, Arevon’s procurement team developed an Approved Vendor List Committee tasked with ensuring that we partner with suppliers who share our values and ideals. Arevon is a signatory to SEIA’s Solar Industry Forced Labor Prevention Pledge.