Arevon Energy and San Diego Community Power broke ground on the Vikings Energy Farm, a solar + storage power plant in Holtville, California. The project was first announced in May 2021.

The Vikings Energy Farm is among the first solar peaker plants in the United States. The facility’s unique 1:1 configuration — 137 MW of solar, coupled with 150 MW/600 MWh of battery energy storage — will allow it to shift daytime solar production to late afternoon and evening hours, providing on-peak energy whenever necessary. The Vikings Energy Farm will feature the Tesla Megapack for battery energy storage and First Solar thin-film solar modules.

Vikings Energy Farm is being constructed by SOLV Energy, which has done work throughout the Imperial Valley. Work will be performed by union labor from Operating Engineers Local 12, the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Southern California District Council of Laborers and its affiliated Local Union 1184, IBEW Local 569 and Ironworkers Local 229. When completed, the project will power tens of thousands of homes.

Among Arevon’s commitments to the local community are: annual scholarships awarded to Holtville High School students pursuing higher education; sponsorship of the 2023 Holtville Carrot Festival; and a commitment to using local union labor for construction. The Vikings Energy Farm is contracted to provide resource adequacy and renewable energy to San Diego Community Power, helping to meet peak summer demand and support grid reliability.

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