Rethink your Power Supply

How do you navigate outdated, out of market legacy contracts? 

Municipal utilities and electric co-ops are increasingly being charged with integrating renewables to meet new grid infrastructure and market demands. The benefits are clear but making the switch can be confusing and risky. 

Learn how a Nevada electric association and California city are balancing renewables with economics by partnering with Arevon Energy and Capital Dynamics on its solar and battery installation, creating a long-term 24×7 fixed-volume PPA.

Watch Benoit Allehaut, Managing Director of Capital Dynamics, and Mark Stallons, CEO of Nevada’s Valley Electric Association, as they discuss: 

  • Headache-free methods to integrate renewables while cutting costs
  • Long-term renewable solutions while mitigating surplus/deficit power risks
  • Strategies to reduce or eliminate risks from fuel, volume, price, and renewable compliance
  • Best practices for working with a single partner for development, engineering, and long-term project ownership