A cross-section of leaders from various sectors of the Energy industry earned top honors as Innovation Award Winners at the ThoughtTrace REALIZE Conference. More than 100 changemakers gathered in The Woodlands for the ThoughtTrace REALIZE Conference – one of the first events in Texas uniting participants from across the upstream, midstream, and renewable energy segments. A great deal of common ground was evident between the groups, particularly for navigating high-risk situations and streamlining the document-intensive complexities that come with the territory.  

Only five companies received the distinction of an Innovation Award, and these were: 

The ThoughtTrace Innovation Awards recognize customers who demonstrate creative thinking, reveal innovative use of the ThoughtTrace AI platform, and achieve high-impact business results.  

Using ThoughtTrace’s Document Understanding platform, organizations can uncover valuable information buried in contracts and documents in a fraction of the time and cost it would require with manual review methods. Aside from massive productivity gains, companies using “AI that reads” are dramatically reducing OPEX, minimizing corporate risk, and discovering new business opportunities that are worth millions of dollars. 

Innovation Award Winners are discovering novel ways to use AI to optimize workflows, and are actively shaping how the ThoughtTrace platform will address ever-evolving document challenges across a wide range of use cases. 

“ThoughtTrace is transformative for customers by removing the barrier of Document Understanding and democratizing access to valuable, previously hard-to-find information. The ThoughtTrace Community, and Innovation Award Winners specifically, strive to continuously find a better way. They champion new solutions and advanced methods designed to solve today’s problems,” said Nick Vandivere, CEO, ThoughtTrace. 

Vandivere goes on to add, “Document Understanding, or lack-there-of, is a crippling issue that affects nearly every department in every vertical. Congratulations to the Innovation Award Winners for getting a win with A.I. in record time, and tackling this enormous problem for their teams.” 

About ThoughtTrace 
ThoughtTrace is a Document Understanding & Contract Analytics Platform that uses pre-trained AI to read, organize, and manage the document workflows and processes critical to your business. ThoughtTrace is pre-built for specific industries and use cases, delivering enormous value on Day One. Leveraging AI/ML as a complement to human expertise, ThoughtTrace can extract critical information from thousands of unstructured text documents rapidly and cost-effectively, saving the time and resources previously required to manually search through vast quantities of data. Learn more at www.thoughttrace.com 

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Source: ThoughtTrace, Inc.