One Stop Solution

We customize your solution from a wide range of turn-key offerings that include distributed solar, unit contingent, block power, and full load following power supply. Full financing for all project costs simplifies procurement and asset management, and enables us to also absorb any contract buyouts, infrastructure upgrades and economic development projects in our PPA pricing.

Long-Term Owner

Succeed in every part of the renewables and power supply process. As long-term owners, our
reliable platform designs enable early stage development, construction and operations from utility-scale to distributed generation projects.

We are your partner for 20+ years.

Risk Mitigation

We are your dedicated partner for development, engineering, and long-term project ownership. Our innovative products provide transaction flexibility and help you reduce or eliminate risks from fuel, volume, price, and renewable compliance.

Full Load

Firm Block

  • Fixed price $/MWh
  • Covers surplus and deficit power
  • Covers scheduling and all load following requirements
  • Hour-to-hour load balancing
  • Can be up to 100% renewable energy available
  • Capacity and ancillary services available

Firm Shape

  • Fixed MW for each hour
  • Fixed block of hours
  • Fixed price $/MWh
  • Covers surplus and deficit power
  • Capacity and ancillary services available
  • Fixed price $/MWh guarantee
  • Guaranteed fixed hourly solar shape
  • Covers surplus and deficit power
  • 12×24 schedule
  • Capacity services available